Be part of Operation: Dessert Storm Cookies for SLV Fire Heroes by dropping off pre-packaged or commercially prepared cookies* at Roaring Camp, the site of the National Guard’s base camp facility.

Not all heroes wear capes

Photo: SLV Steve
Photo: SLV Steve

Some wear heavy coats and boots and carry heavy fire hoses. Others wear combat gear and carry shovels and axes, some reach high into the sky rebuilding power lines, and some even drive ambulances, sheriffs vehicles, and police cars. These are the heroes of the San Lorenzo Valley who have been working tirelessly to save our homes, our garages, our state parks, and our university. They have watered our plants, fended off looters, and protected the community we call home. Our hearts go out to those who have lost their homes.

Say, “Thank You”

Now you have a chance to say, “Thank You” to the firefighters, National Guard troops, those heroes who cared for and rescued beloved pets and animals, and First Responders who continue to battle the CZU Lightning Complex fire. We have set up a safe, easy drive-thru (contactless) drop off. The treats will be delivered to the troops at the base camp by volunteer event staff.

Volunteer to accept treats at Roaring Camp

If we get enough volunteers to accept the treats, we may be able to add an additional drop off day!

Heidi Harris

For more information, contact Heidi Harris.

Drop Off Cookies!

SEPTEMBER 9–18, 2020
11:00 am – 3:00 pm



Roaring Camp Railroad, Felton. Map
Visit the contactless drive-thru drop off, accessible from the Graham Hill Road Roaring Camp entrance (look for signs).


  1. Make sure your goodies are pre-packed or commercially prepared.*
  2. Do not bring baked items that need utensils or plates to be consumed.
  3. Package them up in a disposable container.
  4. Cards and letters are welcomed! Feel free to include a personal note of gratitude, but make sure it is taped tightly to the package.
  5. Know that you are bringing kindness and support to the Heroes of the San Lorenzo Valley.

*Due to COVID restrictions, all cookies must be pre-packaged and commercially prepared. No home-baked goodies unless prepared in a commercial kitchen.